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Although the initial plans to install a Water Quality District were voted down, your Association is still working for you to ensure we have the funding needed to continue protecting Quaddick Lake's water. 

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE QLA? To maintain the water quality on Quaddick. The Association is not a policing or regulatory agency.

WHO CAN BE A MEMBER OF THE QLA? The owner of each property that is waterfront or has direct water access can join the Association. Fees are only $25 per year per voting member.  

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDRESSING THE INVASIVE WEED CONTROL ON QUADDICK LAKE?  There is no official State DEEP program to address these issues. When State funding becomes available, the only eligible parties that can apply are municipalities, lake associations that are taxing districts and lake authorities. As a result, the Association and the homeowners around the lake must bear the burden of maintaining the water quality on Quaddick.


1st - Excessive weed growth leads to decreased oxygen level in the water which will eventually kill fish. QLA regularly monitors the oxygen saturation in the water using equipment obtained through a grant from the New England Grassroots organization. The oxygen levels in the lake have increased as a result of weed treatment but only through proactive maintenance can this continue.

2nd - Weed growth will eventually turn the lake into a swamp preventing recreational activities such as swimming and boating. Property resale value will decrease.


1. Lower the water level in the off season. 8-9 feet is required to control the majority of nuisance plant infestation. This is not feasible with the current design of the dam. QLA has no control over the dam. Additionally, there is a state requirement regarding outflow of the dam. The document regarding Stream Flow Standards and Regulations can be found here

2. Early freeze: a combination of early freeze & lowering the water level has good effect. The freeze is weather dependent.

3. Prevent introduction of invasive weeds: wash boats prior to entering lake. Most boats enter via the state park, where there is no boat wash or personnel to monitor the process.

4. Education: QLA received an education grant and distributed education packets to owners of lake front properties. Information for homeowners included using non-phosphate based fertilizers. Fertilizers run off into the lake and phosphate based fertilizers encourage weed growth.

5. Weed eating species: such as Asian Carp. The process is costly, results are variable and it is unknown how the addition of a different species of fish will affect the aquatic environment. With this solution, there is no control of the fish once they are put in the lake including ensuring they are sterile.

6. Hydro raking: Not a preferred method due to breakage of vegetation that floats and re-roots downstream but does provide seasonal control of milfoil & fanwort to the individual homeowner from the abundant weed growth and makes the waterfront usable until deep drawdowns or treatment can go forward.

7. Herbicides: After an annual survey conducted by an outside agency, herbicide recommendations are made. The treatment has to be approved by DEEP. DEEP requires 30-80% vegetation of the shoreline to maintain the environment needed by the pike. The pike are stocked annually by the State.

ARE FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR TREATMENT? The grant received in 2007 from the state was to fund one treatment but has funded several. The moneys from this grant are nearly exhausted. This grant was from capital funds for municipalities who may choose how to use the funds. It is not expected that this will be available again, as the town needs the funds for other projects. There is also a program called the Lakes Grant Program. According to the CT DEEP, this program has not had any funds since 2001. These funds can only be used for surveys and to start a program. Quaddick received that grant prior to the revival of QLA in 2006 and therefore is not eligible to receive it again. In addition, QLA has facilitated multiple fund raisers which have not generated adequate funds. Any donation you would like to make towards our cause would be greatly appreciated. You can donate with your credit/debit card or PayPal account below:


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