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A Message from the Quaddick Lake Association…

As many of you may have heard, the QLA was chosen in June of 2022 as a recipient of a generous grant through the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)!

This is fantastic news and this money is a great supplement to our many fundraising endeavors!

Great job and many thanks to our grant writers, Pete and Melissa Bonin! Through their hard work and persistence, we were granted $25,768 to help us control the INVASIVE weeds in Quaddick Lake. However, the QLA is required to match this grant in the amount of $8589.

This grant is awarded for this year only. We may be able to apply in future years but there is no guarantee that we will be selected and we all know how very costly this task is and why these funds are so greatly appreciated.

The QLA is still working hard and doing our part to continue our annual fundraising and pledge attempts, in order to cover any costs that arise, now and in future years.

Please stay tuned for many more updates to come, as we begin our active season of maintenance and fun on Quaddick Lake!

Be safe and thank you all for your continued support!!! 

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