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About Us

Residents of the lake and other citizens in the Town of Thompson use Quaddick Lake as a recreational resource and fish/wildlife habitat. Additionally, people from other towns and states access the lake via the State Park beach and boat ramp. The lake also hosts a summer camp program and several fundraising activities each year.

The Quaddick Lake Association was formed in 1980. The Lake Association's mission is to protect and preserve the water quality of Quaddick Lake through monitoring and proactive intervention and to address the concerns of the homeowners and residents of the lake as well as others who enjoy Quaddick Lake's tree-lined views, swimming in its cool reservoir and boating & fishing on its nearly 2 miles of open water.  

It is not the responsibility of the Association to define or enforce regulations. Activities on and around Quaddick lake, as with all lakes in Connecticut, are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The regulations are designed to make using the lake an enjoyable and safe activity for all residents and visitors to the state and to protect vital environmental resources.  When boating, the U.S. Inland Navigation Rules apply on Quaddick Lake. A Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate is required for all persons operating a boat on Quaddick Lake and boats of all types are required to display a registration number, if registered by Connecticut or any state, and a validation sticker from the State of Connecticut. A wide variety of activities are prohibited at landings and docks on Quaddick Lake by Section 26-16-1 of the Department of Environmental Protection regulations. Details of these regulations can be viewed at the DEP website. Anyone can report a safety concern or violation to the CT Envionmental Conservation Police 24 hours a day at 860-424-3333.

The Association is a non-profit organization that obtains its operating budget through membership dues. This budget is supplemented with member donations and project specific grants from organizations, like the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Town of Thompson, aimed at improving the environment and quality of life in the entire lake.

Individuals may become a member of the Association by filing a membership application and by paying the membership dues provided that such individual owns property abutting Quaddick Lake. Ownership shall include an interest in land or buildings that have permanent easement or rights of way to the lake and include an interest in land or buildings, including mobile homes, whether on leased land or land owned by the member. Associate membership without voting rights is available to interested tenants or lessees or members of the family of regular members.


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